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Campaign Organizer is designed to support political and labor grassroots campaigns. It will help you organize and manage:

  • Single or multiple campaigns
  • Campaign activities
  • Campaign issues
  • Campaign staff and volunteers
  • Campaign expenses
  • Voting/worker lists
  • Phone banking
  • Voter/worker information and concerns
  • Voter/worker follow-up

You will also be able to create:

  • Walking lists
  • Personalized email
  • Personalized mass mailings
  • Activities and follow-up reports
  • Maps based on addresses
  • Customized voter/worker reports
  • GOTV lists
  • Labels for mailings

Our special features include:

  • Screening to avoid repeat mailings
  • Extensive filtering to target mailings, emails, and activities
  • Compatibility with other software
  • User-defined and maintained tables to simplify and standardize data entry
  • Point-and-click simplicity
  • Selection of people by such factors as ranking, issues of interest, activities and more

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