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Campaign Organizer has four versions for differing campaign management needs. All versions support a campaign by establishing a database of people to be organized and contacted in the campaign. The system has been designed to support the creation of lists, reports, mailings, phone banks, interface files, address books to use with mapping sofware and more. All campaign activities can be tracked for follow-up and analysis.

Political Organizer - supports grassroots campaigns. Users can contact voters and manage volunteers for campaign activities. Political Organizer sets up phone banks, mailings, emailings, and canvasing lists for fundraising and campaigning. It also has the ability to import data from a variety of sources to ease creating a database of voters. Larger campaigns can use our powerful database engine and networking capabilities to support multiple user access. Download Political Organizer (7.0 meg).

Labor Organizer - creates and manages a database of a company's employees. Users can track multiple company locations and departments, rate employee attitudes, track issues, record incidents, and share information with other organizers and campaigns. Download Labor Organizer (4.7 meg).

Construction Organizer - creates a database similar to Labor Organizer's but also tracks contractors, projects, worker contacts, site visits, and contractor contacts. Construction Organizers data-sharing features allow geographically dispersed organizing offices to pool information, enhancing the organizations ability to track contractor and owner activities. Download Construction Organizer (5.4 meg).

Constituent Manager - tracks constituent contacts, services, and interests for incumbents. Constituent Manager is similar to Political Organizer without the fundraising capabilities. Information can be exchanged with Political Organizer when switching from incumbent to campaign mode. Download Constituent Organizer (7.6 meg).

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